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Working with the help of personal trainers can give people an invaluable edge in their health and wellness goals. It can oftentimes be a large investment that yields great rewards. With this technology, it is incredibly simple to work with a personal trainer using a remote online service aspect (provided they have an online company), who are the very best in the industry?

These personal trainers also produce some amazing results with their training by getting others to change their fitness routines. The fitness industry is being influenced by these practices.

1. Nick Mitchell

Personal Trainers

When it comes to physical fitness expertise or practical field experience, Nick Mitchell is in a class by himself. As CEO of the world’s leading global personal training business, Nick has tutored well over 25,000 clients. He has authored over 30 books and countless articles for Popular Media print publications, such as Men s Health and Time Magazine, which has helped hundreds of thousands more.

Making U.P. one of a kind isn’t about a single person, however, it’s about the adventures that the company has embarked on and the culture, vision, and course of the company that has been developed through such adventures. The story of Nick, as CEO and Founder, encapsulates those adventures and speaks directly to the heart of what makes us unique.

Before following the rest of the group of financial professionals, Nick trained as a barrister at London’s Inns of Court School of Law. Although his overriding passion was all things bodybuilding and hacking his health and fitness long before that concept had first permeated the mainstream consciousness. Apart from that period, Nick’s passion was just for those things.

A Business with an unshakable drive

He founded the first U.P. gym in the City of London in 2009. By 2010, U.P. had opened its doors to more than 5,300 physical locations in nearly 170 countries around the world. Throughout his tenure, he managed to build a responsible fitness team, comprising over 300 individuals.

Unbroken victory is what the general public sees, all of which is wrong. In reality, Nick is a great actor with numerous abilities and an Oscar star. Because U.P. is the only global personal training company in the world, he will always ask why it is U.P. that is doing so well. He did not invent the concept; countless other businesses had been doing it before him, and countless businesses have since sprung up as direct copies of U.P. With U.P., why has no one else been able to do so, and what is unique in U.P.’s business practices that have made it prosper so much?

12-Week Body Plan

From all the personal trainers Nick Mitchell provides you with the complete handbook to constructing your body in Nick Mitchell’s The 12 Week Body Plan. The guide reveals professional sports coach Nick’s secrets to helping men’s Fitness editors. Joe Warner adds 10kg of muscle and shed 8kg of body fat in 12 weeks. This guide provides you with all of the education, workouts, diet, and supplements necessary to turn out an average Joe into a Men’s Health cover model.

2. Matt Roberts

mattroberts. co. UK

Personal Trainers

Matt Roberts is the initial person worldwide to pioneer the personal-fitness industry in the UK. After making the first exclusively private physical fitness studio in 1996, Roberts has become recognized all around the globe as a leader in the industry. It is a long list of clients, companies, and media that Roberts has worked closely with that have made personal training the household name it is today.

From personal trainers, Matt, is a London-based fitness trainer, trains a large supplementary roster of weight-based celebrity clients, and is an internationally renowned author. Despite walking a fine line between fitness celebrity and business celebrity, he remains grounded, remaining aware that just one more course or program won’t magically transform his clients’ lives and consequently his own. Matt has experienced over 23 years of fitness training and considers interpersonal skills one of the most important elements that successful personal trainers should possess.

Initial Consultation Fee

Includes a 3D body scan, Functional Movement Screening, fitness assessment, and full blood screening with an in-house Nurse for £275. Additional initial consultation with a Registered Dietician is £250.

Personal Trainers

Personal Training services will be valid for up to 6 months. The full terms and conditions must be accepted.

Single session £130, 10 sessions £1,175, 25 sessions £2,500

3. Louise Parker


Personal Trainer


Louise, who is the owner of The Green Kitchen, has published several books that have hit the bestseller list in the Sunday Times. This is an exceptional feat that is not often seen, and just goes to show that Louise’s books are notes about the connection between a healthy diet and staying lean for life. Since 2007, Louise has provided her healthy-living services to 20,000 individuals.

Last December, Louise taught her methods to a group of coaches, so she may help in an even greater manner. Louise in turn is an advocate of goals that connect to values. She connects this from the client and business owner perspectives. When you’re able to see things from a complete perspective, you can assist people in lives that are meaningful and important to them.

4. Shaun Stafford

Personal Trainer

Shaun left university and went on to specialize in physical fitness. He followed that with a semi-professional rugby career and went on to concentrate on coaching. Shaun supports many people, especially those in the rugby arena at his gym. His social media presence is well-established. But despite his influence on the industry, he urges people who are considering becoming coaches to put the majority of their energy into what they enjoy, not focusing on a following on the net. He explains that online existence is not necessary for someone to have a big influence on their life and instead urges them to focus on those things which make them happy and to build upon what they’re good at.


1) Custom workout and nutrition from £39.99 per month

2) Custom workout plan from £29.99 per month

3) Custom nutrition plan from £29.99 per month

5. Scott Laidler

Personal Trainers

Scott is frequently asked for consultations with health and fitness magazines and a regular column in The Telegraph on living a healthy lifestyle. He believes you must master your craft by mastering your understanding of how your body and mind work in unison. Scott places the client relationship above all other considerations, knowing the importance of emotional intelligence in acquiring the best results for the client. If outsourced tasks, like marketing or advertising, are contracted, he recommends not producing something unfamiliar to him, as without expert knowledge it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness.

12-Week Training Packages

1) Fitness Only-Fitness Coaching without meal Plan (£199 or 3x £69 Monthly)

2) Signature-Fitness Coaching with full meal Plan (£297 or 3x £110 Monthly)

3) Accountability + Additional monthly coaching call (£389 or 3x £135 Monthly)

6. Emma Chan

Personal Trainer

Emma Chan is based at Coastal Fitness in Hong Kong. She is a health and fitness expert with a background in competitive volleyball. Her training and area of proficiency originate from a traumatic injury she suffered throughout an intense sporting event. Her initial profession was as a workout instructor, and she then refined her expertise by providing personal fitness and yoga training services. Emma focuses on both ends of the athlete spectrum, from those who are new to fitness and those who wish to improve their performance.

7. CSS Fitness-Personal Trainers

CSS Fitness is a workout facility in Leeds, UK. They are something of a local league when it comes to fitness. They offer a multitude of services, some of which accommodate weight loss, athletic performance, and muscle parsing. Operating out of a highly equipped facility, the Graft Haus, the personal-training team at the facilities is so confident that they can help any dedicated person meet the goals that they offer a personal guarantee of results, backed up by loads of trial pictures and transformation videos on the website.

8. Recharged Personal Training

Personal Trainer

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Recharged Personal Training helps to put people in direct contact with specialists who are skilled in aiding those people with their fitness and health. Owner, Gary Stimson, believes that choosing the best practitioners for the individual needs of each person is very important. Finding a good trainer is crucial in having a positive experience with a trainer, and the particular relationship you develop with your trainer is essential to how well any user will be able to interact with their programming and performance.

Very inexpensive, and customizable on account of the infinite options for one-on-one personal trainers classes combined with workout sessions in groups. This personalization service helps locate a suitable trainer for you.


1) One On One 60 Dollar per session

2) Two On One 35 Dollars each per session

3) Three On One 25 Dollars each per session

9. Benjamin Stone-Personal Trainers

Personal Training

Benjamin Stone, a personal trainer based in LA, has clients all over the world through his web-based personal-training platform. He describes himself as a personal fitness concierge and focuses on assisting his clients with their nutrition, lifestyle factors, and overall fitness which also optimizes results. Among the best advantages of online fitness training aside from its limitless range of opportunities to select the ideal fitness trainers on earth is the adaptable and flexible support they offer for these other areas than fitness.

10. Jackie Warner

Personal Trainer

Jackie Warner has been helping customers for over two decades transform not only their body but their whole life as well. Jackie’s system of care is based on the fitting experience she had in her journey to fitness as well as her numerous customers who have had their physical health transformed. Jackie herself was overweight, stressed, and sleep-deprived when she found herself able to find a path to a happier and healthier life through fitness and becoming a personal trainer and gym owner.

From the list of personal trainers, Jackie can assist you with workouts and diet. In addition to the numerous elite online exercise programs Jackie can help you use in your regimen, you can also get her encouragement and instruction through in-person instruction or online video conferencing. She can also help you develop the ideal meal and supplement regimen for your requirements and goals.


The total price is nonrefundable and is also a one-time fee.

1) Bikini Breakdown-30 Days Bikini Body Challenge 39.99$

2) Ultimate Lift & Lose-Lift & Lose 39.99$

3) Killer Body-Killer Body Challenge 39.99$

4) Beauty Blast 39.99$

5) Master The Gym 39.99$

6) Lean And Happy 39.99$

11. Alexia Clark

Personal Trainers

Alexia is an online trainer who gives brand-new daily workouts, nutrition assistance, and personalized one-to-one accountability if you need it. Her main goal is that you constantly feel challenged and energized by your workouts. Not just physically, but also mentally. She creates daily challenges to boost her motivation and to build up the community in her QUEENTEAM. The QUEENTEAM membership is extremely inexpensive, and her social media pages have lots of helpful advice that can be incorporated into any at-home training plan.

12. Joe Dowdell

Personal Trainer

Another famous trainer in the industry who holds 25 years of fitness experience under the name Dowdell Fitness Systems is Joe. While Joe was traveling the world as a model before settling back in NYC and opening his physical gym, he opened his online fitness degree program as an alternative. Joe has worked with celebrities such as Gerald Butler, Natalie Porter, and Claire Danes in the past, so you understand that you can depend on him to help achieve your goals.

13. Kayla Itsines

Personal Trainers

Kayla, the Australian creator of Bikini Body Guides, creates 28-minute workouts that are suitable for women who wish to overcome bodily limitations, perform exercises, and have fun. Fitness classes given by Kayla are offered as an audio application called Sweat with Kayla, with a bustling community of females whose body images have been boosted by her relationship with Kayla. Her group training program results in countless girls having their bodies transformed.

14. Christian Thibaudeau

Personal Trainers

His username on T-Nation will be familiar to anyone with regular exposure to the site, and he offers both beginner and premium online coaching services. Currently, both of these services are fully booked, and Christian has a waiting list for admission to any of the above-mentioned coaching services. Christian coaching differs from other types of coaching due to its emphasis on Neurotyping, also known as the brain chemistry that defines which training programs, nutrition plans, and supplementation strategies work best for a given individual.

15. Sebastian Oreb-Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer

Sebastian is a well-regarded national strength coach, working with numerous professional athletes and coaches. He commands the respect accorded to those who practice what he preaches as a powerlifter, having reached notable success in the competition. Meanwhile, he has also supported those in strength coaching, rugby, boxing, and many other contact practices. On his website, he claims that he’s the go-to fellow for establishing strong documentation. At present, face-to-face coaching is unavailable, but Sebastian has an online exercise program that takes advantage of a group system, along with a one-on-one course available online.

16. Brett Bartholomew

Personal Trainer

Renowned for his published work Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-In, Jean-Paul Delorme became renowned among coaches for his ability to explain the core nature of coaching through all facets of an intimate partnership. Brett has coached a diverse range of athletes across 23 professional sports teams, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, MLS, NCAA, and the Olympic Games. Outside of professional sports, he s coached members of the U.S. Special Forces and Fortune 500 companies to maximize their potential both inside and outside the gym.

17. Team Body Project

Personal Trainers

This workout studio caters to the varying abilities of its clients, with a variety of videos available to suit your skill level. Offering a real challenge entirely customized to suit each client’s level of skill, Team Body Projectís in-home personal trainers rock the home exercise routine. With services like on-demand workouts from home, weekly new exercises, and a team of dedicated personal trainers, Team Body Project works hard to create a program that satisfies all people.

18. Lucas Sheehan

Personal Trainer

London-based Lucas reveres his customers, takes an honest, educated, and energetic approach to health, and treats them and their requirements individually. No more uncertainty or chasing shiny objects. Lucas takes private and one-on-one coaching, and also offers online counseling and courses, to help both current and future clients achieve the best health condition possible.


This worldwide collection of personal trainers and online coaches is making a substantial difference around the world and in the fitness community by providing the power of their example to others who want to take part in similar growth. Because some of the personal trainers listed are extremely well-established within their profession, some even are published authors and while others are less established, all individuals on this list have made it due to their dedication to supporting their clients in living their lives to their fullest. We’ve compiled this list of the best personal trainers, hoping to include a wide range of specialties, with a summary based on our criteria.

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