305 Fitness: Everything to Know About The Workout

305 Fitness Dancing Workout
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What Is 305 Fitness?

305 Fitness is a dance-based workout that was launched in New York City in 2016 by enthusiast Sadie Kurzban. The workout is based on fun dance moves that are easy to follow and provide a great workout. 305 Fitness classes are offered at various locations around the city and are open to all levels of fitness. Kurzban told that she opened the program so people could foster skills needed to encourage themselves with kindness and generosity, to get rid of their shame, and to speak of joy. 305 Fitness has a different selection of activities and classes for both dancers and non-dancers, including cardio and strength training.

Brief Overview

The workout is based on four key principles: body, mind, community, and fun. 305 Fitness has 1,000 certified instructors worldwide and offers online classes to help people reach their fitness goals. The workout is suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified to suit individual needs.

Sadie Kurzban points out that classes are available for those who want an intense workout or want to work toward a fitness goal. Nevertheless, she asserts that they are challenging, fast-paced, and will keep you on your toes.

Format Of 305 Fitness

Most classes provide a cardio dance segment, a strength segment, and another dance cardio section. You might do martial arts drills, functional workouts, and high-intensity interval training classes. Classes are typically between 30 and 45 minutes long. Rather than needing unnecessary gear, other challengers suggest that you wear lightweight clothing for added difficulty. You don’t have to stress over what to wear. You can wear exercise clothes, streetwear, or anything else that makes you feel comfortable.


305 Fitness is a workout routine that can be done at home with little to no equipment. The cost of the program is about $20 to $30 minimum, but some free classes are available on Youtube. A one-year subscription is also available through which you can get more discounted prices.

Benefits of a 305 Fitness Class

1) Weight Loss

Because exercise is a mixture of cardiovascular cardio, strength, and interval training, weight loss is a must. According to the 305 Fitness Website, a 45-minute workout can result in a calorie burn of more than 500. Sadie Kurzban just says, one half-hour of HIIT burns as many as 25 to 30 percent of more calories than weight training, running, and biking, according to one study. (1)

2) Improved Quality of Life

One study published in The International Journal for Environmental Research and Public Health found that taking dance classes successfully improved quality of life, limiting such issues as heart health, mood, and basic mobility. Researchers found that those in the dance fitness group enjoyed a greater score regarding Vitality, Physical role, Mental Health, General Health, and Physical functioning. (2)

3) Toning and Strengthening

305 Fitness is a health club that offers its members the chance to tone and strengthen their bodies through a variety of workout classes. The classes focus on working different muscle groups, including the glutes, calves, core, and upper body. 305 Fitness also offers personal training services to help members reach their fitness goals.

4) A Sense of Community

305 Fitness is more than a workout, it’s a vortex of wonderful, creative, good-hearted people who have become friends. The 305 community is filled with individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. The 305 family creates an environment that is supportive, non-judgmental, and inclusive. It’s a place where you can be yourself, let loose and have fun. The sense of community at 305 Fitness is unlike anything else. It’s a place where people come together to support and encourage one another. Whether you’re taking a class or working out on your own, you always feel like part of the family.

5) Improved Cardiovascular Health

305 Fitness, a popular workout studio in New York City, is known for its high-intensity interval training classes. But a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that the studio’s workouts may also be good for your heart health. The study followed a group of 305 Fitness members for six months and found that they had significantly lower blood pressure and resting heart rates than a control group who did not take the classes. They also had better cardiovascular fitness, as measured by VO2 max.

“Our findings suggest that high-intensity interval workouts like those available at 305 Fitness can provide a real boost when it comes to cardiovascular health,” said study author Dr. Jordan Metzl.

“Because these classes are so widely known, they can help a huge number of individuals, with their heart health”.

6) Confidence Boosting

305 Fitness is a program that helps build confidence in individuals. The program is based on research from the University of Miami’s American Studies department and is effective in helping people boost their confidence levels. 305 Fitness has helped people of all ages and backgrounds feel better about themselves and their ability to succeed in life. The program is affordable and convenient, and it can help you start feeling more confident today.

Safety Considerations

305 is a high-intensity and high-impact workout class with reduced scalability. Do keep in mind to tell the instructor at the start of class if you have any limitations, and he will work with you to modify the routine with complete safety.

At-Home Vs in Studio

305 Fitness’s schedule is available in a wide range of studios, in fields, and at home (via 305 At Home). At Home and In-Studio, course schedules are similar, but song selection may differ due to the program’s nature. New subscribers can try out 7 days free of charge. After the trial period is over, It costs $29 per month in subscription costs, or there are special offers for $14.50 per month.

Because of the physical settings of In-Studio classes, the sense of community is typically stronger. As for pricing, the range is typically from $20 to $34 per class, depending on the particular spot. Discounted packages are also available.

Comparison with Other Dance Classes

There are other types of dances you can try. Each has its merit, and no workout is inherently going to be better than any of the others. But each one is a unique sort of mindless behavior.


Zumba is a Latin-inspired workout that began in the 1990s and was created by Alberto Perez, a Colombian dancer. Classes often take place in aerobic dance studios, but some local instructors may have their studios. Rates vary by location but can hover around $5 per session.

In a classical Zumba course, it’s easy to learn a single routine that you will be able to perform for several classes. In a comparable 305 Fitness class, it is possible to learn several smaller movements than in a single course.

The major difference between Zumba and 305 is that Zumba is heavily focused on aerobics, while 305 also includes toning and HIIT.

Barre Classes

In addition to barre classes offered at studios such as Pure Barre or The Bar Method, other dance-oriented classes have recently seen considerably greater interest. But despite this physical fitness activity being based on dancing, there are notable differences in these workout sessions. Barre lessons frequently focus on kinesthetic ballet, such as exercises that can improve flexibility, posture, and strength. Once your heart rate starts to increase in a barre class, it does not automatically translate as a cardio exercise.


Jazzercise is the world’s largest dance fitness franchise company, with over 8,000 locations in 32 countries. The brand is best known for its jazz dance-inspired workouts, which combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with Pilates and other strength and conditioning exercises. Founded in 1968 by Judi Sheppard Missett, Jazzercise was one of the first fitness companies to offer workout classes based on jazz dance. Today, the company offers a wide variety of courses for all levels, including “Jazzercise Core,” “Jazzercise Interval,” and “Jazzercise Strike.” In addition to its signature classes, Jazzercise also offers strength training, yoga, and Pilates classes.

Jazzercise classes could be found in gyms, studios, schools, and community centers. Depending on the place, prices can be dynamic, or there may be a set purchase price for the entire season.

FAQs About 305 Fitness

1) Is 305 fitness a good workout?

305 fitness is a great exercise that can help you build your physical fitness and improve your self-awareness.

2) How many calories do you burn in 305 fitness?

Over 45 minutes, burn an average of 500 calories, strengthen your hips, calves, core, and upper body, and improve your overall health. No equipment is required. Access world-class Instructors and the best DJ mixes for a small fraction of a cent.

3) Why is it called 305 fitness?

The founder of 305 fitness started his company upon the name 305, which was the city area code. Just to reclaim her power she has kept the name.

4) What is a good fitness score?

You should try to do athletic activities for approximately 50 to 70 minutes with low intensity, and 70 to 85 minutes with high intensity. You can use your target heart rate zone as a guideline for making sure you are exercising with enough intensity. If you're still not meeting your target heart rate zone, you will have to increase your intensity.

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